If you desire to study overseas, WAKKAGO will offer you a professional sound advice as we will always guarantee career advice and guidance. Our Experienced counsellors are always willing and on hand to give professional counselling.
We can offer you a wide range of educational opportunities from Primary Education to research degree and everything in between and also guarantee Student gets an excellent course backed up by modern state of the art facilities and supported by good accommodation. Nothing is left to chance for you to achieve your dream of an international Education in an institution where you will have a good quality of life and as such be happy.
International Education provides a great variety of opportunities for you to develop your skills, intellectual and otherwise, discover new talents, meet people around the world, competes and study with students from many different countries of different religions, cultures and backgrounds, but all with one common goal. To get the best qualification they can achieve. This achievement will be a testimony to our help and advice. It will provide you a sound education, recognized qualification and your own determination to succeed and compete at the highest level of your chosen career. You will participate in an advance system enhanced by the latest technology, with a final award of world class degree that has international recognition for quality and value. 

We provide solution for study abroad and work abroad packages. We get offers from top universities in the world, provide visa counseling and application and general educational consultancy services.

With us are highly qualified and experienced staff with many years of successful result. Clients trust us, so far we have 100% visa success.

WAKKAGO reprepresents TOP universities and collages accrose the continents such as AMERICA, Europe,(UK universities), AUSTRALLIA,AFRICA  AND ASIA

All our career counsellors have been trained in giving good advice to students. Thus, every student application is carefully looked into and vetted to confirm the Student’s desire for his or her future. That is our responsibility as educational advisers. We are proud to say that we are right in almost all cases judging by the feedback we get from our students/parents. It is so encouraging to receive letters of commendation and calls from so many satisfied students and parents who have benefitted from our counselling and placement. We do hope that you will also be one of our satisfied student and parent now and in the near future.
We have been tested and confirmed reliable, safe, efficient, qualitative and Up-to-date. This is due to our professionalism, effectiveness and genuine care and concern for every student who comes to us for advice and placement. Your success is our asset and concern. Take a brilliant decision and visit us at WAKKAGO for more brife. You cannot go wrong and together we will move to the greater height



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