Visa information

All foreigner most apply for a visa whose country is not member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) BENIN, BURKINA FASO, CAPE VERDE, GAMBIA, GHANA, GUINEA, GUINEA-BISSAU, IVORY COAST, LIBERIA, MALI, NIGER,  NIGERIA, SENEGAL, SIERRA LEONE AND TOGO.

The visa only is valid for a maximum stay 3 months. Extention of the visa is possible and this must be arranged in the country by contacting the general Office of the National Police in Ouagadougou. The Embassy does not issue a long-stay visa. 

for some nationalities, visas are issued at the airport border. You pay double visa fees at the airport from the normal amount you pay at the embassy.

Carefully complete the application forms. If any information is missing, it will be necessary for the embassy to return the forms, delaying your visa

To apply email visa@wakkago.com

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