Wakkago BENIN


Visa Information
to secured a visa that will stay up to 36 months, a fee is required with 2 application forms  2 photos, yellow fever vaccination, proof of return tickets  and  employment letter,  travel agency, or photocopy and letter of statement an bank account proofing good turnover transaction.
Documentation requirements differ by embassy.

 following compulsory documents are required; 
A valid passport over the 60 days of the period of stay granted; 
Two (02) photographs of identity; 
And some, $80 USD to $150USD

If you are travelling to Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’ivoire, Niger and Togo you may apply for a Visa Touris tique Ententel that  costs US$50USD.  It covers all the above countries and it is less affordable  than  getting single visas for each country.

To apply email